So you don't like admin work?
You're going to love our support team.

Our awesome support team will make your life easier – including order entry, research, scheduling, order management, communication, customer inquiries, and tech support. There is nothing we won’t do to save you time. 

  • Order Entry
  • Research
  • Scheduling
  • Order Management
  • Communication
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Tech Support
  • Training
  • Free CE Courses
  • Free Tech Tools
Aloft has your back. You’ll have our full support. Our success is tied to your success.

Our Technology

Our technology works with you to elevate your professional life - calmer and more efficient. Aloft is a place where technology works for you, not the other way around.

If you like to be involved with technology development, you can help us create impactful solutions that will help change the appraisal industry for the better. Your ideas and your insight are welcome here.

Appraising the Nation, One Property at a Time

Meet our Support Staff

"I love working with Aloft because there is a sense of comradery and collaboration with everything we do. Working with Aloft has been an exciting and ever-evolving journey that has given me the confidence to handle any new task."


"I love the Aloft atmosphere. Everyone helps each other out and gives more insight to the cogs of the Appraisal world. I have learned so much since being here."