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Competitive Advantages

Powerful, proprietary technology

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Meaningful Competitive Advantages

Aloft has created a new, technology-powered business model with disruptive competitive advantages. Aloft is poised to transform and dominate the residential appraisal industry; and is positioned for forays into related markets, such as commercial appraisal, home inspection, valuation analytics, and portfolio insight. Our technology and engineering prowess are informed by deep industry experience, combining the best of human expertise with next-generation machine learning, automation, customer integration, and data analytics.

A critical industry, desperate for change

The problems are numerous in the appraisal industry, among these are 1) a race to the bottom on appraisal fees, 2) the upcoming mass exodus of experienced appraisers as they retire, 3) unknown fallout from the new UAD format, which is a sea-change from the previous methodology, and 4) low incentives for appraisers and lenders to strive for higher quality.

Appraised property value is the cornerstone of the trillion-dollar U.S. housing industry, however, the appraisal industry is fragmented, disorganized, and far behind the technology curve. Lenders are unhappy, homeowners are unhappy, and appraisers are unhappy; all are demanding change. The industry is poised for total transformation. Aloft is uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Don’t Look

Have you ever questioned the credibility of an appraisal? Have you ever wondered if appraisers just pull numbers out of thin air? We suggest that you don't look behind the curtain. After being on the  front line of the appraisal industry for the past three years, we can tell you: the problems are deep, incentives are all messed up, and everyone is frustrated. Aloft is out to provide a total solution for industry change.

Aloft has developed a proven, tech-assisted workflow model that allows our appraisal teams to outperform in terms of quality, transparency, and reliability

Our technology enables the future of real property valuation, customer integration, and data evaluation.

We’ve proven we can hire, expand, and operate.  We’ve hit our milestones, and we’ve put systems in place. We know exactly where we’re going and how to get there. We’re ready to scale.

Our Business Model

Greater than the sum of its parts.

It takes more than neat software to change an industry.

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Our homegrown SaaS technology tool that is enabling expert appraisers across the country to produce reports of superior quality.

Before Appraiser Toolkit, nothing existed for appraisers to calculate market-based adjustments. Adjustments are historically pulled out of thin air to "make it work". Appraiser Toolkit is necessary to "show the math" and support valuation conclusions.

Appraiser Toolkit is built on a SaaS revenue model. Toolkit is considered "expert-level" software, but once we get appraisers hooked, they are likely to turn into long-time subscribers.

Appraiser Toolkit will continue to grow into an end-to-end platform. Our development coincides with wholesale changes to the UAD form led by government agencies. The new form creates an entirely new playing field, and Aloft enters the game with momentum. 


Aloft Appraisal

A national appraisal firm serving lenders in 14 states. Over 35 independent appraisers and growing.

Hiring and managing a team of independent field appraisers gives our executive team unique frontline insight and immediate product feedback. Plus, Aloft Appraisal provides the company with important lender relationships.

Aloft Appraisal's business model allows the company to grow quickly and with low cost of entry. Appraisal follows our lender clients, so we have business in new markets before we open them.

National order volumes are expected to increase in 2025-2025, and Aloft will continue to seek opportunities to grow the Operations side of the business. We expect to offer sea-to-shining-sea coverage by 2026, and a demonstrably differentiated product. 


Aloft University

An education and training platform designed to provide a new style of engaging appraisal content.

Like most industries, appraisal training is boring, out of touch, and not helpful. AloftU attracts a nationwide following because of creative content and training methods, while advocating for "doing it the right way" with Appraisal Toolkit.

Aloft University is run by Heather Sullivan, perhaps the most well-known industry leader. Heather was just awarded "Appraiser of the Year" by the National Association of Appraisers. She recently closed a large contract with FNMA to create curriculum for the new UAD form - due in 2025.

AloftU is already engaged by Fannie Mae to create appraiser training for the new UAD form, coming in 2025. Being on the front line of industry changes affords AloftU a unique advantage in delivering high-quality training. We are most excited about using technology to extend our reach. 



A provider of BPO (Broker Price Opinions) reports and alternative valuation products to lenders, banks, and portfolio managers.

The BPO industry is extremely fragmented, Aloft Valuations provides lenders and portfolio managers a one-stop source for ordering BPO reports. Aloft Valuations also provides the company with key lender relationships, for the purpose of growing our footprint inside each customer.

Our BPO division is run by Hansel Dobbs, Aloft's Chief Appraiser. BPO income provides a steady stream of revenue in good times and bad. Thanks to influence from our other component parts, BPO is poised to create new products that will provide new insight for  portfolio managers everywhere.

We'll use our BPO network to build an army of appraisal inspectors, uniquely trained to provide a dynamic competitive advantage to Aloft. Working closely with Aloft Appraisal, we intend to offer a one-stop shop for lender needs. 


Rate My

Provides immediate critique of appraisal reports for consumers, loan officers, and real estate agents.

There is nothing like RateMyAppraisal. RMA focuses on the math, exposing sloppy work and unsupported conclusions. More important, RMA provides a path of recourse for millions of people denied loans due to a bad appraisal report.

Consumers are pushing back against bad appraisals more and more. FNMA wants to solve this problem, but it's difficult to get an industry to move. But RMA puts power into the hands of consumers, which will force other parties to step up.

We see RMA growing into a resource for industry professionals, such as Agents and Loan Officers, who use our product as an important part of their own customer service. RMA will morph into a service that lenders pay for on a subscription basis. 

Meet Our Team

Travis Soukup

Founder and CEO

"It's my pleasure to introduce you to our leadership team. We are uniquely made up of experienced industry vets, math geeks, and seasoned tech developers. Our goal is nothing less than total transformation of this critical industry."

Meet Our Team

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