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July 10, 2023

Data and transparency - great for our community!

For the appraisal community, data is an absolute necessity. We use it, integrate it, analyze it and share it. But data isn't always accessible or accurate and that is something we can all be aware of and part of addressing. Now, FHFA is taking steps to understand the challenges and bring in voices to find opportunities to address the shortcomings.

Even more importantly, FHFA is making the conversations available to US, providing transparency via livestream. Just visit http://fhfa.windrosemedia.com/ to see the panels in action and hear what is being discussed. The sprint starts July 10th and runs thru July 13th.

You know the old saying "The more you know...". Let's all listen in, learn, get involved and be a part of a better data ecosystem, it can benefit our appraisal and real estate community.

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