We are streamlining real estate valuation

We’re reshaping the future of home valuation by empowering the industry’s best appraisal team with leading-edge technology and tools.

Our Focus

We are a technology company with a hyper-intense focus on bringing modern solutions to the real estate industry.  After going to market in 2021 with our appraisal firm channel, we continue to develop our proprietary platform to craft data analytics and valuation tools with an emphasis on efficiency.  With products built by engineers and tested by appraisers, Aloft is streamlining how valuations can be more data-driven, defensible, and save lenders, AMCs, and appraisers both time and money.

Our Mission

At Aloft, our mission is to empower people to make informed real estate decisions. We provide insight for the homebuyer purchasing a first home, the lender originating a 10,000th loan, and the appraiser who wants to build a data-driven, well-supported report.

Our clients need data to inform their decision-making and Aloft is here to enable a seamless process that benefits the real estate community.

Our Leadership

Travis Soukup

Founder and CEO

Travis founded Aloft in 2021 with a vision of making a better home valuation experience for everyone. With his entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry knowledge, Travis has led Aloft to become a disruptive force in the real estate industry.

Tim Beard
Head of Finance

Tim is responsible for Aloft’s financial and accounting operations. Earlier in his career, Tim spent more than a decade as an investment banker with several bulge bracket Wall Street firms and advised a wide range of technology clients on capital raising and M&A transactions. Prior to Aloft, Tim held CFO roles at several private technology companies.

John Jenkins
Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, John fosters team growth and cultivates strategic partnerships to drive organizational success at every level.  John leverages his experience scaling operational teams to guide the appraisal production, customer support, and operational recruiting teams to deliver exceptional and consistent customer experiences.

Avinash Joshi
Head of Product

As Head of Product, Avi oversees product design and development by Aloft’s Seattle-based technology team. He collaborates closely with appraisal and technology professionals to devise software innovations that uniquely address industry needs. Prior to joining Aloft, Avi held various product management roles at Amazon.

Hansel Dobbs
Chief Appraiser and Head of Valuation

As Chief Appraiser, Hansel is responsible for Aloft's quality control, compliance, and appraisal escalations. His focus is real estate technology and product development to support company goals of valuation modernization. Hansel previously held positions at Consolidated Analytics, Radian and Bank of America and has extensive field appraising experience across North Texas.

Heather Sullivan
Head of Learning and Development

Heather spearheads an array of educational initiatives . Her efforts focus on cultivating the development of the next generation of appraisers and enhancing the skills and expertise of the current workforce. Heather is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor and plays a pivotal role in shaping industry standards as a member of The Appraisal Foundation's Appraisal Standards Board.

Jordan Yentzer
Head of IT

As Head of IT, Jordan is responsible for the management and scaling of Aloft's technology infrastructure, adapting to evolving business requirements, and cultivating strong vendor partnerships. With a background in supporting rapidly growing technology startups, Jordan leverages expertise in IT strategy to optimize operations and drive organizational success.

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Our Investors