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July 17, 2023

Conference “season” - worth it?

The Aloft team is making final preparations for our attendance and booth at the ValuationExpo, coming up in August.  We’re also heading to Appraisal Summit in September and as we go through the details and who will join our onsite team, we took a step back to consider all the reasons to go to conferences, especially since it means leaving family behind and the expenses of travel. 

We find that there are 5 great reasons to choose to attend conferences: it has become increasingly important for individuals looking to expand their knowledge, network with industry experts, and enhance their professional growth. The market has been challenging but those who push forward, invest in themselves and their network and build their knowledge will thrive in the coming years.  

1. Knowledge Expansion:

Conferences offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry leaders, subject matter experts, and renowned speakers. Valuation Expo has consistently featured sessions and workshops on cutting-edge trends, best practices, and regulatory updates. By attending such conferences, professionals can stay ahead of the curve, deepen their understanding of their field, and acquire fresh perspectives to apply to their work.

2. Networking and Collaboration:

One of the greatest benefits of attending conferences is the chance to network with like-minded professionals, potential clients, and mentors. Appraisal Summit, known for attracting industry experts and appraisers from around the globe, provides an ideal platform to connect with peers, build relationships, and establish valuable connections. Collaborating with others who share your professional interests can open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations that can greatly enhance your career trajectory.

3. Industry Recognition and Credibility:

By attending a reputable conference, professionals can enhance their industry recognition and credibility. Participating in such events demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and an eagerness to stay updated with the latest developments. 

4. Professional Development and Skill Enhancement:

Conferences often feature workshops, training sessions, and interactive panels that focus on skill development. Many offer hands-on workshops, continuing education courses, and sessions covering a wide range of topics, including valuation techniques, appraisal software, and business management strategies. These opportunities for professional development can equip you with new skills, enhance your existing capabilities, and help you stay competitive in our field.

5. Exposure to Industry Innovations:

Conferences provide a firsthand experience of the latest technological advancements and industry innovations. At Valuation Expo, attendees have access to an exhibition hall where leading companies and service providers showcase their cutting-edge products and services. Exploring these exhibits can expose you to innovative tools, software, and methodologies that can streamline your work processes, improve efficiency, and add value to your clients.

Are you ready to head to Las Vegas to learn, connect and grow?  We are!   Come see our team at lucky Booth 13 to learn more about Aloft, connect with our experts and grow in the community with us. Embrace the power of conferences and unlock the immense potential they hold for your professional growth.

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