Solutions built for the Valuation Industry


The real estate industry is weighed down with legacy, siloed, inflexible systems.  At Aloft, our contemporary cloud-based platform ensures availability, data security, and scalability. 

We build modern technology for originators, servicers, and appraisers with: 
- integrated data delivery
- transparent & consistent valuation analyses
- modern workflows
- simplified order management

Engineers and appraisers sit side-by-side at Aloft. Our applications are built for valuation professionals and crafted by valuation experts.

Valuation Services

Aloft was found on a mission to reimagine valuation. Today we continue that mission with a focus on streamlining the tools and processes that are an integral part of producing valuations.  Our staff appraisers  produce traditional and modern reports with Aloft's proprietary technology for an array of value needs. Our clients include appraisal management companies, servicers, government-sponsored entities, brokers, lenders, and equity firms.  

         Modern Broker Price Opinions
         Traditional appraisals
         Hybrid and desktop appraisals

We’re a valued partner in origination, servicing and portfolio management.


Aloft offers a distinctive perspective on education and training. The company is comprised of an appraisal firm, an on-site technology team that develops tools and software for appraisers and an education channel exclusively dedicated to enhancing the quality and consistency of appraisers' practices.

With unparalleled industry expertise, Aloft is reimagining education by conveniently integrating education in the production workflow, calibrating training for varying skill levels and harnessing the power of peer-to-peer collaborations.

As a sponsor with the Appraiser Diversity Initiative, Aloft is committed to building diversity by training and developing entrants to the appraisal profession. 

We’re fostering the next generation of forward-thinking valuators.

A computer based training in progress