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October 27, 2022

An Obsession to Do What’s Right for Customers Fuels Flyhomes’ Choice in Aloft

Creating customer delight is priority number one

When Flyhomes COO and founding member, Ryan Dibble, first heard about Aloft’s property appraisal software, it was their obsession with that customer delight and doing things right by their clients that made him excited to partner up. 

Not only did Aloft offer phenomenal care and tech processes for customers, but their dependability and responsibility were unmatched across the real estate appraisal industry. Normally when it comes to home value appraisals, there’s bumps in the road; from long turn-times and failure to meet delivery deadlines to appraisal report randomness, poor quality control, and severe impact on homebuyers and sellers.

But with Aloft, Flyhomes and their home mortgage platform found spectacular service. When Flyhomes called Aloft’s customer support, they received immediate responses unlike the frustrating appraisal industry standard of a few days.

Collaboration with Aloft was a natural fit

With the enormous amount of opportunities available to build digitally-powered appraisals for properties and online mortgages, Flyhomes saw an exciting partner collaboration. Aloft offered a personal experience similar to Flyhomes’ mortgage platform, and together they could support awesome financial products in all kinds of housing markets across the country. Especially when it came to having additional overlap between their home mortgage and appraisal products, the duo began working on what’s best for their clients, and continue to deepen their relationship for further geographic expansion throughout the US.

Seeing the online home appraisal and mortgage issues that failed to support homebuyers and sellers in the best ways possible, Flyhomes’ partnership with Aloft puts the focus and heart of the real estate transaction back on happy customers. That means revolutionizing aspects of buying, selling, mortgages, and appraisals to address specific customer plights while removing flawed, outdated processes.

Tying it back to the mission

With Flyhomes’ mission to build the world’s best homebuying and selling experience tying into Aloft’s goal of reshaping home valuation by empowering seasoned appraiser teams with leading-edge tech, Flyhomes’ strong partnership with Aloft is overhauling poor quality past processes. Now, innovative real estate experiences can be designed not only for strong offers and mortgages, but fair, equitable, and high-quality property appraisals as well.

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